Why choose Rubix Voice?

You deserve the best business phone system


Here’s why:

Everyone knows about the advantages of VoIP phones for business, but not every VoIP provider knows how to install and support a high-quality solution. With so much business done ‘in the cloud’ these days, your systems have to be dependable. Dropped calls, poor sound quality and confusing set-ups aren’t just an irritant – they can be a real drain on your team’s productivity.

With Rubix Voice, you’ll get the best business phone system that just works. It’s that simple. Our team has the experience and technical expertise to ensure you enjoy all the cloud PBX benefits you’ve been searching for. We’ve been delivering hosted VoIP solutions for large and small businesses since 2010, and we can do the same for you.

Why Choose Rubix Voice?

1. The best VoIP technology and functionality

Since VoIP has become established as the go-to solution for phone systems, Rubix Voice has put together the best package for businesses. With our technology, reliability and redundancy built-in. We cater for all your VoIP needs, including contact centers, so you can unleash all the advantages of VoIP for business calling, video and live chat.

Web, Mobile and Desktop apps

No busy signals

Fax to email and web

Voicemail to email, missed call alerts

SD WAN & Internet sales and service

fully managed and supported

Certified & trained team

One stop shop!

2. End-to-end service from one expert provider

We take responsibility for everything, including cloud-hosted and on-premise PBX, SIP trunks, internet and data. There’s no passing the buck.
Rubix Voice has invested in the technology and engineering expertise to ensure you get a service that’s optimized and managed to provide reliable performance. Simply put the best business phone system!

3. Top technology, USA hosted

Rubix Voice’s VoIP infrastructure is USA managed and hosted. Unlike some other VoIP providers, all our services are based in The United States, we host our data centers in multiple States, to include New Jersey, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Atlanta, our US data centers ensure the fastest speeds, lowest latency and quickest response. Systems are nothing without people, our expert team are all US based, so you’ll get all the support you need without delay.

Geo redundant data centers in 5 States

Automatic failover

Updated & secure software

US based support

VoIP Experts

Years Of Experience

Deployed Phones

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