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When you call a business for the first time, what impression do you get from the greeting received? Many people dislike hearing an unprofessional recording, the reality is businesses are stretched thin. The ability to have multiple recordings should be a feature of any VoIP phone system you chose. And a well-crafted, recording and menu system for your VoIP phone system, will save your business time and money. A great VoIP phone system and well-thought-out recorded messages will route callers to the exact department or person, in seconds. Do this to increase efficiency and allowing employees to concentrate on their job.

How much should a professionally recorded message for your VoIP phone system cost?

Before costs, let’s talk about first impressions. What image are you trying to convey to your customers? Is your business fun and sassy, or are you a law firm, hotel, or children’s amusement center?  We think about all these things as we assist you in crafting your very own custom personal greetings and messages.

Included in our packages is a professionally recorded greeting at no additional cost, this is an up to $500 dollar savings. Many providers charge a fee, we see it as offering a turnkey solution, we are invested in the success of your business and do everything we can to understand your workflow and improve your processes with our cost-effective VoIP phone systems.

While large companies usually have a marketing department that spends hours writing and testing scripts, studio time, and voice actors, this is costly. We welcome that option, however, if you are cost-conscious, we assist with writing that script, testing as well as offer up to 3 revisions at no extra costs.

Not only the greeting is important.

We always advise not to stop at just the main greeting. Have message options for different departments. If sales are important talk about your specials, if you are a service business, highlight something in the service department. Don’t forget, your business or service may be localized, if you are serving specific groups, you may need a multilingual menu and messaging system, even if that is the case, we can do it, our VoIP phone system is agile.


We tell our customers, encourage your employees to leave friendly voicemails to their extensions, this is important, as usually, we give every extension its own direct inward dialing number. So instead of going through the menu each time, a return customer can contact just the employee they need. Many times, by the time a customer gets a voicemail tone they may have strayed in their thoughts. A custom greeting gives the caller time to gather their thoughts and leave a clear and concise actionable message.

Any examples of VoIP phone system messages?

Below are a few examples of greetings we have done for our customers. Enjoy listening and reading.  Drop us a line if you need help crafting your phone greetings. We offer our VoIP phone systems in all US States & Canada, we have customers using our VoIP phone system in Florida, New York, and Texas just to name a few, as well as customers in many fields, from Not For Profits (nonprofit), Legal, Healthcare, Accounting & Finance, and Municipalities, just to name a few, these entities all need a reliable VoIP phone system that makes a great first impression. Try us out for 30 days, with no obligation to buy.

Our sample greetings to give our customers ideas.

Sample Greeting

Our Main Greeting

Close of Business

No Answer

Some of our customers custom greetings

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