Tutorial: How To Upgrade Yealink Phone Firmware

This tutorial will walk you through how to upgrade Yealink phone firmware on a Yealink VoIP phone. Therefore, I will be using the T29G, which at one point was our standard phone. The T29G is now end of life as such, our base model is the T46U.

At RubixVoice, being that we offer a turn-key VoIP phone system, we usually handle the upgrades in the back end without our users even knowing. Occasionally we onboard a customer with their own phones, or for instance a customer that has very strict rules on what their firewall permits, anyway let’s get to it!

The firmware upgrade process

  • Save the firmware we sent you to a location on your system or go to Yealink’s website and download the version you need.
  • Next, get the IP address of the device, on a T29G and many Yealink models, on the phone itself using the keys go to Menu > Status and take note of the IP address.
  • Open your favorite browser and type in the IP address in the format http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    1. You may be presented with a security alert, you can usually ignore if you entered the IP address above correctly.
    2. Enter the default Yealink username and password, which is admin for username and admin for the password. I know VERY secure, the fun fact we lock this down for our clients!

Yealink login screen default password username admin password admin

  • After logging in select the “settings” tab as shown.

settings tab select firmware browse button upload



Uploading new Yealink firmware and restarting

  • On the left, select “Upgrade”, select the firmware you downloaded above using the “Browse” button then click “Upload”

restart phone Upgrade screen select the file you saved



Completing Yealink Phone Upgrading & restart the phone

That’s it! in a few minutes you should be on the latest and or the firmware our technicians recommended.
You can perform other functions from this menu, reset the phone to factory, and or even performing a quick reboot.
The above walked you through how to upgrade Yealink phone firmware, if you need assistance give us a call or use our form

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