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Huntsville, TX (August 19, 2021) – TECH-ER, provides affordable computer and mobile device repairs, they are home to the lifetime warranty on all parts resulting from the manufacturer! Guaranteed quality and the best prices in Huntsville, Texas. When their customers started asking about VoIP phone systems, Joe Whitehead, CEO knew he needed to partner with a company that was equally affordable, as well as had the over 25 years of technology experience he had.

The partnership has already seen the two companies onboarding a handful of customers. TECH-ER, through Rubix Voice, now offers VoIP Phone Systems to Huntsville Texas, and surrounding areas such as Riverside, Trinity, Madisonville, New Waverly, and Willis.

Customer VoIP Experience

TECH-ER’s customers are already happy with their new VoIP phone system. Riverside Special Utility District, for instance, was able to increase customer service scores. Customers no longer receive busy signals when calling in. No more complaining that the lines are busy, no need to leave voicemails. On average Joe saw his customers saving $300 per month switching from other phone providers to Rubix Voice. These savings tie into Joe always offering affordability with high-quality services.

Lower Phone Bills in Huntsville, TX

The Riverside Special Utility District saved approximately $4,000 on the cost of a new phone system just by switching to RubixVoice! They’re also saving more than $300/month on their phone bill. They intend to reinvest these savings into their water distribution system so they can continue providing high-quality products to their customers. Given the opportunity, the district said they would gladly choose the RubixVoice team for their phone system again.

Business VoIP Phone System Features

With this partnership offering VoIP Systems Huntsville Texas and surrounding areas. There is no need to rely on old wiring and costly data plans from local phone companies. Voice Over Internet Protocol systems host your phone conversation in the cloud and allow for more than just talking on the phone. With VOIP, you can instant message, text, sync with mobile phones, integrate with desktop applications, link multiple locations under one system, and even hold video conference calls. There are lots of features to enhance your business efficiency.

Affiliate Program

Rubix Voice selects only the best technology companies to resell its VoIP services. We ensure that our partners are not competing against each other. Interested in selling RubixVoice products? Joining our affiliate program is fast, easy, and best of all—free! We’ll provide all of the tools and support you need to get started, including promotional materials, to help you maximize your earning.

VoIP Systems Huntsville Texas


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