Testing of E911

9-3-3 Test Route – No charges are incurred for 933 dialing.

By dialing 9-3-3 from a registered device or softphone your call will be routed to SkySwitch’s 911 provider’s test system which will confirm the TN E911 Caller ID, address location assigned to the TN and if two-way audio is available on the call.

After dialing 9-3-3 you can expect to hear the following for a successfully provisioned E911 TN:

  1. Welcome to the 911 enabled automated test system – “Your account is in live mode.”
  2. Your subscriber identifier is: “The Ten-digits Identified in the ‘911 Caller ID’ field of the user.”
  3. You Location is: “Currently provisioned “
  4. The location coverage will be: “Enhanced 911.”
  5. After the tone, please record a brief message, the recorded message will be played back to you afterward. {User Records Message after tone} & {Messaged Played Back} “Thank you. Good Bye”.

9-3-3 Unprovisioned TN

For a UNPROVISIONED TN, you will hear the location stated as “Unknown” and the location coverage stated as “Emergency Call Center.”


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