ReachUC Mobile App Video & Written Tutorial

ReachUC Mobile App

We use ReachUC as our mobility client, ReachUC can be installed on Mac and Windows desktops, Android, and iOS devices. Download your version of the ReachUC SoftPhone that fits your needs. You can also checkout the many available integrations, from browsers, native windows clients to Microsoft Outlook.

Since we use ReachUC as our partner to provide our mobile, desktop and web application, they maintain a more comprehensive, keyword searchable knowledgebase.

Watch This Quick Video


After downloading and installing the ReachUC application on your referred device, use your portal username and password and follow the instructions below. 


Getting to know ReachUC

1. Registration Icon
2. Keypad
3. Contacts
4. SMS
5. Call History
6. PBX Presence Panel
7. Settings
8. Call Button

Reach UC First Launch



Logging In

Logging in to ReachUC for iOS is simple.  Just enter your PBX Username and Password and then Save.

ReachUC Login Screen


How to Send a Fax from the Mobile App

If faxing is enabled for your account, you can send a fax by one of two ways in the PBX Presence tab: (Click the links to read further.)

  1. Send Fax Option when clicking on a contact.
  2. Send Fax Option when clicking on the Floating Menu button.

The file will be uploaded to a fax server for delivery with pop-ups showing that it is being loaded followed by a notice that the fax is in the queue

Fax From App

You will receive an email notifying you whether the fax has been successfully delivered, or if a problem occurred.

Fax Notice

iOS Device Contacts

ReachUC gives you access to your device and PBX contacts thru the Contacts pane.
To view your contacts click the Contacts icon at the bottom of the screen. You can switch between viewing device and PBX contacts by clicking on the tabs at the top.

iOS Contacts

You can search for and select a specific contact from this screen by using the search bar which will then show the matching contacts (if any) on the screen.

iOS Search

You can click on the contact name to view more details or initiate a voice call, video call, or send a message by using the icons beside the names.

Voice Calls Video Calls Send SMS

iOS Contact 1 iOS Contact 2


Chatting with other ReachUC Users

With ReachUC Plus it is possible to chat with other people in your organization using the ReachUC desktop or mobile app. To start a chat conversation, simply select the other party from the PBX presence panel in the mobile app, and choose the ‘Send Message” option. This allows you to send a chat message using their PBX extension number as the destination.

Find & Chat

Contact Message

Emergency 911 Calls

  • When you dial 911 from ReachUC running on a mobile phone, the application will automatically dial out using your existing cellular service.  911 calls from your mobile phone will not be routed through RubixVoice.
  • 911 calls dialed from the desktop (WebRTC) app will also be routed through RubixVoice.

How to Disable the ReachUC App

When you wish to stop the Android ReachUC app from ringing when you receive an inbound call to your PBX extension, there are two options:

  • The first option is to enable the DND (do not disturb) function in the in the ReachUC app.  This is done by the Clicking on the Registration icon in the ReachUC app and then turning on DND via the toggle switch. See the process below for both Android and iOS.

For Android

Disable Reach UC Android

For iOS

iOS Disable Reach UC


The second option is to remove the ReachUC device from routing in the PBX portal.  This can be done by logging-in to the PBX portal and disabling the answering rule that includes the ReachUC device or editing the answering rules to not include your ReachUC extension (the one with the ‘m’ postfix e.g. 1000m)

More Features


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