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A Long Island & NY State Business that Services Cardiovascular Patients Needed a Dependable HIPAA VoIP Phone System. They Found One That’s More Affordable, Too.


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Levittown, NY (May 7, 2019) – When CardioLink in Long Island New York determined that they needed to make the transition to a VoIP telephone system, they knew they couldn’t sacrifice dependability to do it. If the Internet went down, they still needed to be able to communicate with their customers. In hurricane territory, and when you deal with patients who find themselves in life or death situations, that is a strong consideration. After shopping systems from a few companies, CardioLink chose RubixVoice to provide a HIPAA cloud-based PBX VoIP phone system, with hybrid cloud and hardwired capabilities.

CardioLink has provided high-quality arrhythmia monitoring and support services to both physicians and patients for three decades. “We have to keep patients happy and safe, and that means we have to have a backup,” according to the VP of the company’s tech division, Richard Scheffel. “Now we can get calls VoIP or hardwire.” CardioLink now uses about 25 VoIP phones, with six hard-wired lines that tie into the system. If the Internet is down for any reason, the calls seamlessly come through the hardwired system. Staff at CardioLink now enjoys new features, such as call forwarding to mobile devices, different ring zones within the office, and the ability to use a desktop computer to manage voicemail and serve as a portal.

The old system wasn’t necessarily failing, but the company continued to grow, and employees were moving to other areas within the office. It’s a situation that seems fairly standard within a business, but it causes communication issues when you have a legacy phone system.

The Legacy System Became Too Expensive to Maintain

 Any time the company wanted to make a change to their phone system, a technician needed to visit the office to make the changes in person, and that’s an arrangement that becomes expensive. Enough employees were moving their desks that the entire system eventually needed to be reprogrammed. Rather than pay the cost, CardioLink opted for a new, VoIP phone system with more modern technological features. Scheffel said that he knew that was the direction that technology was headed, and he felt that the included features would allow them to provide their customers with better service.

CardioLink also saves about $500-$600 each month on their service bills as well, which adds up quickly. The system is overall easier to maintain since there is no regular maintenance needed to keep it running smoothly, Scheffel said. Changes to the system can either be made remotely by the RubixVoice staff or internally at CardioLink. This eliminates costly tech visits. “We can certainly say that this is an improvement over the old system.”

About CardioLink

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CardioLink prides itself on utilizing the most sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest quality of arrhythmia monitoring and support services to both physicians and patients. CardioLink prides itself on utilizing the most sophisticated equipment to provide the highest quality of monitoring services. Our Wireless Telemetry, Arrhythmia, AFib, Auto-Trigger, Pacemaker, and Holter Monitoring Services as well as our INR Home Testing will enhance the comprehensive care your patients are accustomed to receiving from you.

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