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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Tired of relying on old wiring and costly data plans from local phone companies? Voice Over Internet Protocol systems host your phone conversation in the cloud and allow for more than just talking on the phone. With VOIP, you can instant message, text, sync with mobile phones, integrate with desktop applications, link multiple locations under one system, and even hold video conference calls.

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Why VoIP ?

Seamless communications and collaboration among employees, vendors, prospects, and customers.

Reduced real estate needs, lowered communications costs, and higher employee morale and satisfaction.

Provide WiFi capabilities for employees who need access to digital resources or for guests to use the internet.

Time to Make the Switch to VoIP!

You could go on with an antiquated, unpredictable legacy phone system. But what happens when the phone system stands firmly between you and your business goals? What happens when it forces you to leave money on the table because customers choose to walk the other direction? It doesn’t have to be that way.


Phone system solutions to serve all your business needs

No Contracts

Give the fine print a break! We work to keep your business, no need to lock you into multiyear deals!

Our solutions grow with you

Access the features you need today and grow into the ones you need tomorrow.

Security & Reliability

We provide you with enterprise grade security and reliability. Our data centers span all across the country, you will never miss a beat with your customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number While Using RubixVoice VoIP?

Yes! You can bring your existing number over to RubixVoice VoIP service.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP uses your Internet connection, with the help of VoIP hard phones or devices transmit your data, video, and voice communications via the Internet.

Will everyone get their own numbers?

Yes, all users/phones on RubixVoivce will have it’s own phone number/DID. DID which stands for Direct Inward Dialling is a number allotted to you by RubixVoice and can be accessed from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

Can I get a new number with VoIP?

Yes. You can also get a number outside your geographic area code by using a virtual number.

Will I have to buy new phones?

RubixVoice offers a new, free standard phone with all its packages. If you prefer one of our fancy super duper phones we have the lowest prices available!

Do I need an actual desk phone?

No! We have apps for that! You don’t need a physical traditional desk phone, we have apps for PC, iPhone & Android devices.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Patrick and Kevin are very responsive and professional. They’re experts at what they do. You can always count on them to pick up the phone and respond to a ticket right away. They have great customer service and a great turnaround time.

Monica Rengifo

CIO, Ave Maria Law School

I’m saving time. This definitely takes the worry out of whether we’ll get our calls, my boss is no longer getting bothered with all our calls. It’s such an easy process. It was really nice to not have to do anything. Everything was done for me.

Chelsey Siercks

Office Manager, Riverside Special Utility District

CardioLink’s business is literally a life and death matter, inconveniences like telephone downtime, when every second of care counts, are not an option. We needed that system, now we can get all our calls through VoIP or hardwire.

Richard Scheffel

VP Tech Division, CardioLink

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Our 30-Day No Obligation Trial!

Our telephone systems are the best in the industry, and we trust them so much that we want you to try them! Once you see how smoothly our systems operate and how much productivity increases on your team, you’ll never want to go back!

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