A Florida Law School Replaces a Dated Phone System, Gains Access to Modern Technology, and Saves $10K – All at the Same Time

When Ave Maria Law School in Naples, Florida experienced crippling problems with a dated phone system, they turned to Rubix Voice for help. The law school purchased an on-premises VoIP PBX system that unlocked the latest in telephone technology, giving their staff a new level of flexibility.

The school previously used a decades-old phone system that contained basic landlines, and voicemail that kept failing. New messages would receive arbitrary time dates from the 90s. For a period of time, administrators remained unable to access voicemail at all. To add to their troubles, any customer service remained intermittent at best. The school was charged by the provider for any changes or updates to their dated system.

“They told us they could get it working properly, but they no longer supported the system,” according to Monica Rengifo, the school’s Chief Information Officer. “They never really gave me a proper solution.”

It turned out that fixing the current system would have been costly, and still wouldn’t provide many of the technological updates that could help administrators remain in contact, and better reach out to the student population. They were told it would cost $27,000 to make the dated system work properly. They also remained vague in their responses regarding exactly what that estimate would cover.

With Rubix Voice, the school found the latest technological features, a dependable voicemail system, and state-of-the-art equipment. They also saved $10,000 buying a new system, versus making the repair work to the old.

Rengifo said that the rollout of the new phones went seamless. She was impressed with the fast installation, and ease of use.

“I only received positive feedback from everyone who works here,” she said.

The process began when Rubix Voice sent the school an initial shipment of six phones for use by senior staff. They were able to connect their new phone to the computer and test it while keeping their old phone in use. The administrators ported their information and numbers to their Rubix phone and discovered how easy it was to use.

Once senior staff gave the ok, Rubix sent the full shipment of about 80 phones. IT personnel collected the old phones, plugged the new ones in, and that was it.

“It was just plug and play,” Rengifo said. “I thought it was going to be really involved, but it wasn’t at all.”

The Rubix system resolved all of the old issues related to the phone system, Rengifo said. For instance, with the old server, she used a tape recorder to back up important messages. This single task could take up to an hour-and-a-half of her day. Now, messages can be downloaded into the computer portal to preserve.

Whenever there is an update to the new phone system, it seamlessly goes to the phones, so they do not need a strong technical background. Rubix notifies the law school, and the problem is addressed. There is no downtime as updates and new features are added. Any changes are handled right away by Rubix support staff, Rengifo said.

She added that her favorite, most useful feature is the desktop phone portal, which allows her to access voicemail, her recorded greeting, phone forwarding, and password management. The feature is the Linkus Unified Communications App, which turns your desktop or mobile phone into an office extension. It’s designed for Yeastar Cloud PBX and S-Series VoIP PBX.

Another new feature is a texting SMS option. The admissions department uses it as a way to stay in contact with new and prospective students. Staff is also now able to answer phone calls on their cell phones. There is also a “Page All” feature, which can be utilized to quickly alert everyone in an emergency.

Another beneficial feature is the e-fax option. This allows users to send a fax that goes to a user’s email.

A Shrinking IT Burden

There are only four IT personnel at the school – and much of their time was monopolized by phone issues with the old system in place.

“You would come in here, and the phones would just be down,” Rengifo said. “That’s a thing of the past. The phone is never down.”

The school followed Rubix’s recommendation for increasing fiber and bandwidth and that seemed to take care of the Internet requirements. The Ave Maria IT department can now focus on other critical technological issues unrelated to the phone system.

Ease of Use

Any staff questions related to the phone system have been small in nature, and easy to answer, she said. Everyone received a user’s manual, and the school sent out an email with how to create an account, and how to log in to the portal.

If given the opportunity, Rengifo said she would go with Rubix again.

“I just want to say that Patrick and Kevin (Rubix founders) are very responsive and professional,” she said. “They’re experts about what they do. You can always count on them to pick up the phone and respond to a support ticket right away. They have great customer service, and a great turnaround time.”

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