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The Rubix Voice Instant Fax service gives PBX Users the option to view received faxes and send outbound faxes directly from the PBX portal or by email. We also have a traditional fax device called a Fax-ATA for businesses that need to maintain a physical fax machine for compliance or other reasons. You can find more information on our fax service here.

Receiving Faxes 

Faxes will be received to your email, for instance [email protected]. To see these faxes use your email providers web-portal or simply check your Outlook inbox. 

Sending Faxes 

 There are two ways to send faxes, using the online PBX Portal or sending via email. 

Sending Faxes Using the Portal 

 Access our PBX portal by clicking or copying the address in your browser window, https:/portal.rubixvoice.com/portal/ 

  1. Sign into the portal using your extension number @ your company domain, example 7984@rubix and your supplied password.

Portal Login Screen

  • Click the Log In button 

 Select the Fax icon from the top ribbon 


Portal Fax Selection Icon


  • Select the Send Fax button. 


Send Fax Icon

  • Choose the appropriate Cover Page option: 
  1. None 
  2. Compose – This option will allow you to enter the text that will be sent as a cover page. 
  3. File – This option will allow you to choose a file which will be sent as a cover page. The system accepts the following files formats for the cover page: html; pdf; doc; docx; jpg; png; odt. 
  • Choose a file to be faxed. The system accepts the following files formats for the fax document: html; pdf; doc; docx; jpg; png and .odt.
  • Select the Caller ID number that you wish to appear on the outbound fax. 
  • Enter the phone number of the fax recipient in the Phone Number field. 10 or 11 digit phone numbers are accepted but not 7 digits. 
  • Click the Send button 

When the fax is accepted by the Fax Server, a notification message will be displayed in the sent item tab as displayed below

Fax Notification

Sending an Outbound Fax by Email 

 Using an email client like Microsoft Outlook, you can send your fax to any 11-digit US number using the format ‘PhoneNumber’@instant-fax.com (eg. [email protected]). 

Fax Caller ID when Sending an Outbound Fax by Email 

You can now have a Fax Caller ID configured to your email address when sending an outbound fax. Please submit a ticket for this request. 

 Multiple Attachments 

It is possible to attach multiple files in your email to fax.  The files will all be combined into a single PDF document, based on an alphabetical file name sorting.   With this in mind, if you want your cover sheet to be first, name your document file something like 1CoverSheet.doc to ensure its sorted first, followed by other documents you may also have attached.   

The system accepts the following files formats: html; pdf; doc; docx; odt. 

More Information on Faxing


Fax Caller ID

When sending an outbound fax, you will be allowed to choose any DID that has been configured on Instant Fax Portal as the Fax CallerID.  

If there is no Instant Fax Portal configured DID currently routed to the portal user, then the system will use 0000000000 as the Caller ID for outbound faxes. 

Fax Notifications 

 Once a fax is uploaded to the fax server for delivery, it will be placed into an outgoing job queue for delivery. The fax server will try to deliver the fax up to 6 attempts. If the fax is not delivered after the 6 attempts, the job will be aborted. Common reasons for non-delivery of faxes include busy numbers and humans answering the destination fax line. Users will receive a notification stating the status of the fax. 


Notification regarding the status of sent faxes will be placed into the Sent Folder of the Fax page 



Send/Receive Fax limit: 20Mb or 100 pages (whichever comes first). 

HIPAA compliant fax options 

Utilizing the user’s portal to retrieve fax is considered HIPAA compliant if email forwarding options are not used. Faxes should be sent by a single individual to the single intended recipient, not a group fax accessible option. Our FAX Portal transmission (TLS encrypted) is considered as HIPAA compliant for sending or receiving faxes. 


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