The Color Bar Improves Guest Experience with VoIP

The Color Bar

THE COLOR BAR, the premier salon for colors and cuts in Huntsville, Texas, improved its overall business and customer experience when it installed an all-new feature-rich VoIP phone system.

The Color Bar, which was built on integrity, innovation, and love, started to expand its services as its clientele grew. However, their old phone system was unable to keep up with the demand. At this point, CEO, Justin Killingsworth, lost all confidence and decided to replace their old system. He expressed that he hoped to find one that would not lose connection and drop calls. And, or experience a failed call at critical business times; when their valued customers are scheduling their appointments, making contact to receive styling tips or any other desires of their customers.

Killingsworth then consulted his trusted technology provider at TECHER for a solution, a recommendation was made to contact the telecommunication specialists at Rubix Voice. 

Out with the old.

As the famous Rubix Voice mantra states, “Out with the old, in with a new efficient way of communicating.” The Color Bar’s old system would at times lose connection, which would mean no calls in or out. Other times, the salon experienced “the failed call” and guests would receive busy signals when calling in, to schedule their appointments. Even though there is an online system, customers still preferred calling in to speak with someone to cater to their needs.

The Rubix Voice team, worked on every level to ensure that this premier salon was receiving a system that resolved all issues experienced. And which provided the features to create a more efficient, user-friendly, and effective communication environment.  

New VoIP system, new features.

The new VoIP phone system from Rubix Voice never gives a busy signal. According to Killingsworth, “Our new system is reliable! We pick up the phone and are guaranteed to be able to use it. Our system now has great introductory messages when our guests call in. The new greetings inform our customers about specials, events and or promotions.” Killingsworth also lauded the additional features and services added indicating that “…we don’t want to have to worry about a phone system or be distracted from the core services we offer.” 

Patrick Callum, Business Development Lead, states that this is exactly the response Rubix Voice aims to receive from all its customers. Rubix Voice continues to pride itself on providing modern state-of-the-art cloud-based phone systems. Systems that are customized to meet the unique demands of each business environment. Callum says that he is happy that The Color Bar has made the shift and that they have one less thing to worry about in their daily operations. 

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