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Wondering how RubixVoice can benefit your business? Check out this case study, and see how we helped a Texas utility provider save money and improve their customer service!


Compay Name: Riverside Special Utility District

By switching to RubixVoice, Riverside Special Utility District in Riverside, TX, saved thousands on the cost of a new phone system, reduced their phone bill by approximately $300 per month—and significantly improved their customer experience. No more dropped calls!

The Technology They Need, at an Affordable Price

The Riverside Special Utility District provides safe, high-quality water services to the Riverside community in Texas while maintaining a high standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation. 

When employees spoke with customers on the phone, sometimes all the lights on their phones would light up—and the phones would die. When the phones came back online, they would lose the caller on the other end. 

Due to the nature of their business, the utility company makes and receives a high volume of calls. Needless to say, the ailing phone system presented significant customer service issues, as identified by their office manager. So they made the decision to upgrade to a more modern phone system from RubixVoice, giving them more flexibility and improving their customer service. 

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“We’re able to determine where in the office our phones ring. That way, not everyone in the office is notified of every call. This makes our processes more efficient, and our boss and field supervisor are no longer being bothered with all of our calls.” 

Chelsey Siercks

Office Manager, Riverside Special Utility District

New Features, Better Service

Our system sets them up for success with professional features to enhance their customer experience. All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded, a feature that their previous system did not offer. This became a major selling point—it was something the utility district wanted to do, but their previous technology limited them. 

Recording calls helps solve disputes in the event of a customer complaint, allowing the utility district to refer back to their phone system and ensure their agent followed proper procedures. Recordings can also streamline the employee training process, saving time and money during onboarding. 

In addition to recording, the utility district also heavily utilizes the RubixVoice portal system, where voicemails, faxes, caller ID, and other vital phone information appears. They can also efficiently send faxes through their computers with our virtual fax service. 

Seamless Installation

It’s always great to hear that our installation process “couldn’t be easier.” All that’s required is unboxing the phones and plugging them in! The utility district received their new phones the day after the quote was approved, providing them with a fast, efficient installation process. 

It took about a week and a half for them to transition entirely to the new system, mainly because they are in an older building. Our responsive team assisted with questions as they arose, set up the system, and made any modifications remotely.

“It was such an easy process. It was really nice not to have to do anything. Everything was done for us.” —Chelsey Siercks, office manager. 

The Pay Off

The Riverside Special Utility District saved approximately $4,000 on the cost of a new phone system just by switching to RubixVoice! They’re also saving more than $300/month on their phone bill. They intend to reinvest these savings into their water distribution system so they can continue providing a high quality product to their customers. Given the opportunity, the district said they would gladly choose the RubixVoice team for their phone system again.


Increase In Productivty




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