Best VoIP phone system on Long Island and in New York

long island VoIP phone system

What we offer our Long Island Customers

Our state-of-the-art VoIP phone system is the best on Long Island and in New York because we allow for more than just talking on the phone. With our VOIP, you can instant message, text, sync with mobile phones, integrate with desktop applications, link multiple locations under one system, and even hold video conference calls. We literally have hundreds of relevant features.

What sets our VoIP phone system apart

We are local! This is a big deal to us. Kevin H is one of the owners of Rubix Voice Communications LLC, he is a Long Island native. Kevin lives on the South Shore in the Islip Township, he ensures our systems are better than the rest and offer great value for his Long Island neighbors. To do that we operate some of our VoIP phone system equipment in New York data centers, we can also offer onsite service to our fellow New York clients, or visit with potential clients to review their VoIP phone system needs. No longer is your contact simply via email and or phone. If supporting local businesses is important to you give us a call, after all, it’s our local community and economy.

Affordability of our VoIP phone system

We never say to purchase from the best Long Island New York VoIP phone system company because we have the lowest prices. We do however offer competitive pricing and often tailor our solutions to save you money. When our customers switch they see savings even up to 60% most times. We are cheaper than the big boys for sure. Our phones devices are free or discounted, while many providers’ markup on equipment is over 200%. We are not in the business of selling phone equipment, we sell a service. At RubixVoice, we offer an all-you-can-eat solution, all the features of our VoIP system are available to you when you buy from us. Never do we make you “pay only for the features you need” what do we mean? We include calling, texting, video calls, meetings, and faxing into your package.

Customer Service

Offering local US-based support is something we are proud of, when you call us, you will hear that familiar Long Island accent. We have many ways to get in touch, call, text, email, or online chat. Whatever method you chose we guarantee a timely response. We understand, the last thing you want to be dealing with is, not being able to talk to your customers or suppliers, we take any issues seriously and have a 15 minute time to resolution on average.

Technology, Security & Reliability

This is a big one for us, we don’t want to bore you with the nerdy techie talk. We have to brag about our tech though, our built-in redundancy and failover, APIs and integration, HIPAA compliance. We operate four fully redundant data centers around the country. If we experience an outage at our New York computer center, our VoIP phone system simply switches our customer over to our New Jersey location. We allow our systems to integrate into popular CRM applications. HubSpot, Act, Microsoft Outlook, Sage CRM Salesforce, ConnectWise, and Sage 50 Accounting, just to name a few. We are the only Long Island VoIP phone system provider to offer a HIPAA compliant system. We follow stringent rules regarding the storage and processing of our clients’ patient information.

No complicated contracts

Give the fine print a break! We have no complicated and or long-term contracts and agreements. We work to keep your business, no need to lock you into multi-year deals. Think about this, if their service was that great, why would say sell you a 3-year term? Ever tried canceling a VoIP phone system contract, it’s practically impossible, we have seen customers continue to pay hefty monthly fees, even when they have downsized or their business needs change. All we do is operate under terms of service.

There, we laid it out

We love our phone system, the best thing to do if you are thinking about a VoIP phone is to contact us for a no-obligation trial, test it for yourselves. And as always we have our customer testimonials to back us up!

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