911 & E911 Services Management & Testing

911 Geolocation Data

911 & E911 Services

Rubix Voice Communications LLC is a registered telecommunications provider. We confirm to FCC guidelines and take the safety of our subscribers seriously. 911 is a standard feature of our many features, we do not charge for this service.

Want to quickly test your 911 Service? Click here to see how.

SERVICE LOCATION AVAILABILITY: Our 911 & E911 emergency responder services are available to support users located within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Canadian addresses use a different method of validation and does not verify street number or address.


ReachUC Mobility App Note: Any user that dials 911 from the mobile app will be connected via GSM using the caller’s mobile provider.

For callers on the RubixVoice network dialing 9-1-1 from a successfully registered device with an Emergency Caller ID assigned other than ten zeros (0000000000), the caller can expect one of the following events:

  • 1. Telephone numbers submitted with validated address location information qualify the call as an E911 call and will be routed to the closest 911 operator in a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). There may be multiple PSAPs within the same exchange, or one PSAP may cover multiple exchanges. The territories or Emergency Service Zone covered by a single PSAP is based on the dispatch and response arrangements by fire, police, and medical services for a particular area.

Note: We cannot assign E911 address information to a toll-free number.  E911 addresses can only be assigned to valid NPA-NXX DID’s.

911 Database Information Validation

We may submit 1 or all of the following to the 911 database.

  • Name – The name to appear on the PSAP operator’s screen.
  • Street Number – The house, street, or building number. Numeric part only.
  • Street Name – The primary road or street name in the address.
  • Location – More precise information about the location. Ex.: Suite 200, Floor 2.
  • Country – A drop-down list where you can select the country name.
  • State – A drop-down list where you can select the state name.
  • City – The name of the city or township. Example: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago.
  • Zip Code – The ZIP Code or Postal Code.
  • Latitude and Longitude – These Geolocation fields are optional and should be used in the event the entered address cannot be validated. The entered Latitude and Longitude coordinates will be used in conjunction with your entered civic address in the event of an emergency at that location. Geolocation information cannot be validated.
  • Override Callback Number – If this field is populated, this is the number (ECID) that will appear on the PSAP operator’s screen as the number that should be called back.

Note: All E911 location information requires accurate location data in order for our 911 service provider to valid and successfully assign location information to a DID.


Geolocation Validation

If we are unable to validate the 911 address using the data above, we will use geolocation data.

Important Note: Geolocation coordinates cannot be validated, please exercise extreme care when entering coordinates. Providing incorrect values can result in emergency responders not finding the correct location in the event of an emergency.

To find the Geolocation Latitude and Longitude coordinates of a location, we recommend using a service such as Google Maps and following the steps below.

  1. Open Google Maps on your device.
  2. Enter the location address or select and hold to drop a pin on the map of the location you want the coordinates for.
  3. Once a pin is placed on the location, scroll down the page to find the coordinates, as seen below.

911 Geolocation Data

9-3-3 Dialing – Testing of E911

There are no charges incurred for 933 dialing. By dialing 9-3-3 from a registered device or softphone your call will be routed to our 911 provider’s test system which will confirm the TN E911 Caller ID, address location assigned to the TN and if two-way audio is available on the call.

After dialing 9-3-3 you can expect to hear the following for a successfully provisioned E911 TN:

a) Welcome to the 911 enabled automated test system – “Your account is in live mode.”

b) Your subscriber identifier is the recording will play “The Ten-digits Identified in the ‘911 Caller ID’ field of the user or device the call is placed from.”

c) You Location is: “Currently provisioned “

d) The location coverage will be: “Enhanced 911.”

e) Your address is: i.e.: 1234 Street Name, Town Name, ST, Zip Code

f) After the tone, please record a brief message, the recorded message will be played back to you afterward. {User Records Message after tone} & {Message Played Back} “Thank you. Goodbye”.

When testing 9-3-3 for an UNPROVISIONED TN, you will hear the location stated as “Unknown” and the location coverage stated as “Emergency Call Center.”


 If you have any additional questions or require additional training with E911, please call 1-855-945-3705 or open a ticket with your request.

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